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Treatments : Holistic Facial

Get a healthier look to your skin after all looking good starts with great skin.

Health Holistica Facial

Having a Holistica facial is a luxurious way to treat your skin to a work-out whilst relaxing your mind and body. The Holistica facial is a very relaxing treatment plus can soothe away those tension headaches and neck stresses along with leaving you in a state of complete relaxation.

Holistica facial is a massage using 100% organic essential oils, which has the same principles as aromatherapy by massaging essential oils into the skin to stimulate the blood supply which in turn helps to delay fine lines plus tones up the facial muscles.

The Holistica facial starts with a consultation, where details about your skin type, skin routine and general lifestyle are taken.

Before your treatment begins all eye make-up will be removed in preparation to cleanse the skin and upper chest area, followed by a close examination of the skin to determine your skin type. This is then followed by a second gentle cleanse, the massage starts with a delicate facial wash followed by a deep cleanse then moving onto an exfoliation, once all dead skin cells have been removed in a gentle and relaxing way be ready for warm oil facial massage working the face down to the neck, upper chest and shoulders. Once all the excess oil has been removed an antioxidant-rich face mask is applied, whilst this is doing its amazing job which can be from five to thirty minutes you can indulge yourself completely with a thirty minute Reiki treatment or a massage to the hand and arms or feet and legs, or a scalp neck and back massage it is your choice entirely.

Then it is time to re-awaken your skin with a warm face wash then a gentle tone or spritz to close those eager pores and finally a rejuvenating and hydrating moisturiser to seal all that wonderful work-out in…

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